Responsible Records: Infinity Series

The Responsible Records: Infinity Series is a catalog of free local albums not directly released through Responsible Records.  Each of these releases is free to download.  Click an album’s cover art for its respective download link.  Clicking an artist name will bring you to a page or post with more info about him/her/them.  If you have a release (past or present) you would like cataloged here, please send us an e-mail.

Bizarro Me

Bizarro Me - "Demo" (2010)

Breakfast In Fur

Breakfast In Fur - "Breakfast In Fur E.P." (2010)

Ghost Mall

Ghost Mall - "Goons" (2010)

Giant Peach - "Glow Away, Ghetto Way" (2010) 

Honor Roll Breakfast - "This Phone Booth Is Impenetrable" (2011)

Klessa - "Aloha Demons" (2009)


Minor Constellations - "Loveseat" (2010)

Symmetrical Summer

Minor Constellations - “Symmetrical Summer” (2009)

Stay Asleep

Minor Constellations - "Stay Asleep" (2009)

Ten Chances

Minor Constellations - “Ten Chances” (2008)

Some Songs

Minor Constellations - “Some Songs I Know You Like” (2008)


QUARTERBACKS and John Warren - "A Symbiotic Split" (2010)

Thea Ballard - "Wood Road" (2009)